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Mother’s Day Is Coming Soon!!

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If you give a Mom a perfect Mother’s Day, she will jump with joy!! So just what is a perfect Mother’s day in the eyes of a Mom? Depends on who you are and what you want. Mommies In Orbit thinks a wonderful day would be a 50% (OK maybe 75%), kid free day! Yes, that’s right, some time for me and time with the offspring.  Of course, Mom will be there for the hugs and the handmade gifts from her little wranglers, but after that, it’s off to a destination unknown.
Come join us for Mother’s Day!

Maybe lunch at a famous castle? Or a ride through the countryside? Just one day free from the monotonous kitchen duties, laundry room smells and cookin’ grub.  How about a day poolside with a pitcher of iced tea, and NO interruptions. These are small requests that this Mommy is asking for. I would relish a day where I didn’t have to duck each and every time a poisonous dart flew by my head?  Or maybe Channel Chick and Rocket Boy could just “suck it up” and pretend to like one another, temporarily.  Best of all, we could all actually revolve in the “Sanity Orbit.” That would be nice.

So you see, this Mom doesn’t require expensive flowers or chocolates, just some peace and quiet. I think all Moms should at least have that much (and more) for Mother’s Day.

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